Pempek Selamat ( by travbuddy )

Pempek Selamat ( by travbuddy )

"Pempek Selamat ( by travbuddy )"

Pempek is a local food from South Sumatera areas, Palembang and it's neighboring province - Jambi asthey shares the similar kind of food.

Pempek is actually fish cake - served in different style - some of them were stuffed with eggs inside (Kapal Selam), some other with fish skin, different shapes, or different style in serving them (tekwan). The speciality from thsi food is in the vinegar sauce accompanied the food. The sauce is made from fish sauce, strong vinegar and chili, gives a strong flavour of sweet, sour and spicy. 

One of the recommended place to eat this food by local is Pempek Selamat - a simple restaurant which also has a counter in the airport - specialize in take away orders. This restaurants also has a dried snack and chips and also some other food.

The price is cheap compare to Jakarta's food price. 3 of us spent only 60k Rp (6 USD) for several pempek dishes.

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